All in One PHASE DIAGRAM Model (3D)

Remember phase diagrams, the thing which kept us tracing the lines and finding out what happens when temperature is increased or pressure is decreased? Don’t you think they were a little boring and dull?

As far as I am considered , I hated them!  When I was studying Thermodynamics in my second year where Prof P. A. Deshpande ( Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur) took our class and tried his level best to impart some knowledge to my head. But being the most amazing student ever, I never bothered to study and when the exams approached I faced a massive road block to good grades. It was this, the phase diagrams where I couldn’t understand and visualize the different graphs and how to make sense of them? Now that I have graduated successfully I have time to handle this problem in a different manner. So I’ve decided to make a 3D models of P-V-T Phase Diagrams. Hope they help you in your school or college or any other problem you have.

A planar yet quite informative representation of Phase Diagrams, Source: Wikipedia

Now taking inspiration from the above figure I have converted it into a 3D model, try it out and let me know if it helps or not.

To understand this diagram there are already a number of good resources available on internet but the one I trust is Khan Academy. You can the video here:

Projections of P-V-T Phase Diagram

  1. To learn more about P-V phase click here.
Pressure-Specific Volume Phase Diagram

2. To learn more about P-T phase diagram click here.

Pressure-Temperature Phase Diagram

3. To learn more about T-V phase diagram click here.

Temperature-Specific Volume Phase Diagram



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