LOGAN: Can we please have a VR game?

Everyone loves claws and more than that I guess they love wolverine. I was left stunned by “Logan” the last movie of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and believe me amidst the blood and guts those blades were cutting few onions too. It was to me a perfect tribute to the character of Hugh Jackman who has starred in 9 X-Men movies in total.


As a kid or even now I am sure that everyone has tried to hold three pencils (or similar things) in the hand pretending to be wolverine. What if you could really have claws and cut through the toughest of things? Well I don’t know about the real world (who will make adamantium?) but it sure is possible in virtual world.

Imagine a VR game where you are the wolverine himself facing the entire X-Men team which has gone rogue as someone, somewhere really powerful somehow convinced Charles Xavier to join his evil plan. But we all know that Logan is not a easy nut to crack and he is not backing down. Level after level you will encounter different mutants (Quicksilver, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Cyclops, Storm, Gambit, Jean Grey and finally Magneto).

This is going to be interesting, right?


Simulation bots attacking you!

Technological Requirements:

  1. A VR Head set
  2. Tracker devices for hands
  3. Game Engine for 3D gameplay and rendering

Genre: FPS (First Person Shooter), Action

Audience: Comic book fans, geeks, college students

The game will start with wolverine training himself in the Danger room, you know the thing called Danger room? Do you? Ok! so in a lot of X men movies, comics and animated series X-Men use a sort of simulation room where every X-Men member trains him/her self according to the special powers he/ she has with a powerful computer (built by none other that beast simulates the enemies and their powers)

A common scene to depict the Danger Room

You as Wolverine are training in the Danger Room and suddenly gets a message from Charles that something really bad is about to happen. As you rush to the Cerebro you find Charles falling on the floor saying “Stay away from me, I’m not me”. Then Charles wakes up in a little while this time a little different and can walk on his feet. What’s going on? Is he back to normal? Then he says “Beware! I am coming” and then falls down in free fall.


Someone, somewhere in the world in better than Charles. So much better that he got into Charles’s mind and through that he got into cerebro by which he can connect with most of the mutants on earth. It’s going to be bad! He is using the power of cerebro of contact other X-Men as Charles and is convincing them that you have gone rogue and it’s very important for the survival to mutant kind to kill you.

Now the game is on! It’s you versus the rest of the X-Men team. 


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